Amelia J. Belle - Healing Facilitator
About Amelia 
 Amelia is a healing facilitator. In this role she will guide you onto your path of Self empowerment and conscious awakening in your daily life. The depth and commitment you bring to your sessions will determine the tone  and satisfaction you experience from this Journey.
Amelia is an avid seeker and student of the mysteries of healing. While traveling the path to Awakening she has come to have comfort and strength in Body, ease and acumen of Mind, and trust and faith in Spirit.
Since 1988 Amelia has studied a variety of  techniques including: Shiatsu, Reiki, Transformational breathwork, Feng Shui, Bio-Energetics, EMF Balancing, Interlight Art, Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection, Meditation & Yoga. Other healing helpers she uses are: sound, Crystal energies, aromas and ritual.  The Crystal energies come the forms of Jewellery, specimens and Signing Bowls
Personal Transformation is what Amelia most enjoys facilitating. Over the years she has developed her own system of healing called "Repatterning". To learn more about "Repatterning" see the Home page. With the help of her Guides and Angels Amelia will dive into your process with her heart wide open!
Amelia is available for session both in person and over the phone or computer.
To book a session please call Amelia at:
707 799-9605
or send an email :

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